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April 14, 2007

Symphony of Lies: Description

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What is the sound of deceit?

Symphony of Lies is a piece designed for chamber ensemble combined with projected text animation derived from recorded statements of deceit by past American Presidents. Written by composer Drew Schnurr, melodies and rhythms are extracted from the speech inflection of each lie, and are used to create music that represents the psychologically ominous impact of lying. Digital media artist Michael Chu’s visual score accompanies the music, projecting the words connected to each note and melody, generating a powerful visual collage within a minimal asthetic framework. Symphony of Lies extracts the effect lying has on the personal subconscious while concurrently examining it’s effect on society as a whole.

Movement 1 - Nixon
Movement 2 - L.B.J.
Movement 3 - Clinton

Samples to follow…..